The Manual for Assistance to the OFS and to the YouFra

Manuale_copertina-1The Manual for Assistance to the OFS and to the Franciscan Youth (YouFra), prepared by the Conference of General Assistants, issued as a response to the repeated requests of the spiritual Assistants and of some provincial Ministers to have aManual as an aid for the Assistants who are dedicated to this fraternal service.

The aim of this Manual is to help the spiritual Assistants in their service of spiritual accompaniment to the Fraternities of the OFS-YouFra, by providing them with a compact and precise instrument for treating the basic themes of the OFS-YouFra, specifying also the role and responsibility of the spiritual Assistants. We are certain that the Manual will be very helpful also for the Friars who are not Assistants, but who want to know about the OFS and YouFra. Besides, it will surely be a useful aid for the secular Leaders of the OFS-YouFra Fraternities. The main themes treated in the Manual are the following: the history of the OFS (ch. I); the identity and mission of the Secular Franciscans (ch. II and ch. III); spiritual and pastoral assistance (ch. IV); Franciscan Youth (YouFra); Franciscan Children and Heralds (Ch. V) and the collaboration of the OFS with other groups (ch. VI). Chapter VII contains the Rule and the Statutes for Spiritual and Pastoral Assistance to the OFS in force today, while the Appendix contains the previous Rules that the OFS has had in its eight centuries of history.

Our wish to all is that this Manual may be an effective instrument in the service of spiritual and pastoral assistance to the Secular Franciscan Order and to the Franciscan Youth.

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