News from Uganda


Dear brothers of our province & custody

Today is GOOD FRIDAY, just back from the prison and God was very Good- The Liturgy of the Word, The Way of  the Cross, The General Intercessions, The Kissing of the Cross and The Holy Communion.  The Prisoners made the Celebration come alive. JESUS WAS ALIVE. Yesterday, Br. Rufin and myself celebrated Holy Thursday Eucharist – the washing of the feet of our brother prisoners. We felt thankful for this service, gift of our Ordination and for the Great Gift of the Eucharist.

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Holy Family and New Year celebration at Kakoba

As the feast of the Holy Family is within the Christmastide, so was the Christmas spirit of joy prolonged. This was shown even in the changing of atmosphere, just to make sure that we celebrate it spiritually and not only theoretically.  It was on a Sunday of 28th Dec 2008. We had morning prayers half an hour before the usual time just to make sure that we are on time for our journey to Kashekuro, Bushenyi. It was almost a surprise for the commuter us we had to use arrived late. After a follow up by one of our elder brother, it arrived.

No sooner had it arrived than we immediately started the journey. We had with us 2 sisters and 3 novices of the Divine Charity congregation, from the other side of Mbarara town. The journey was to take us to the next district called Bushenyi, particularly at Kashekuro, the native parish of Br. Byaruhanga Augustus. But this was a Sunday, so how could we do without Mass on a special feast like this? And so it was!

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Christmas in Kakoba – Novitiate

The feast reached at a time when we did not have workers in our community. On 19th Dec, all the workers went to celebrate Christmas and New Year with their families. After their departure, the novices took over all their duties. It was not easy with the preparation of Christmas; but with cooperation and brotherhood everything was possible.

On December 24th, we divided ourselves into groups: some in the kitchen, others in liturgy and decoration of the chapel, others decorated our dining room and cleaned our compound. Others went to buy something for the celebration and looked for other needs.

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Advent in Novitiate

I do not think that it is a mistake to say that a novitiate is an Advent where we watch, prepare the ways and wait in hope the coming of the Messiah by asking ourselves “Lord, what do you want me to do?”

This advent period has been marked by many events which I would wish to share with you. Advent in Novitiate was started by a serious preparation of the body, mind and heart.

We started by preparing our minds. Helped by our novice master who gave us work to do, a research on Advent, to begin by the etymology of the word itself, the beginning of Advent in the church (Western and Eastern Church) in the historical way. We did not remain on the history level but went so far to the spiritual level where we asked ourselves. “What does Advent mean in our life?” and what this Advent of 2008 is calling us to prepare for?”

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Happenings in Uganda

Holy Name of Jesus Friary – Rushooka, Mbarara Archdiocese, Uganda – friars Carmelo-Guardian, Kizito-Parish Priest, Teofil-Economo and Viateur were delighted that a young student of their parish,Sr M. Kemigisha  (Sylvia Tumwesigye-Rushooka) OSC committed herself to God-Her First Profession on 27 September, 2008. The new Mother Abbess Sr Andrew OSC invited us for this celebration.  Br Augustus and novices and Br Aimable-Guardian reached out to help them in preparing the place.

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