News from Uganda

First Profession - 2014

 The 2nd of August was God’s blessing for the Province of St. Francis in Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius because 9 of the novices made their First Profession with great joy and enthusiasm. These novices come from different countries, Rwanda 2; Burundi 2; Kenya 1; Uganda 4.

The colorful celebrations began at 11 in the morning and lasted till 5 in the afternoon. The Minister Provincial explained especially to the ones who are making their profession about the vows how the Franciscan can understand it and live by it. Poverty: A poor person is always depended on others so also a brother needs to depend on another brother in the fraternity. We need the company of another bother on our Franciscan journey. Through this he stressed on the brotherhood for our spirituality. He also stressed on the importance of brotherhood. Obedience: It is to stay where you are especially with the brother who one does not like or has some misunderstanding. It there that the Lord is creating one to stay. Obedience is an action of faith to stay in that situation where one feels rejected, misunderstood, or even loved etc.  He said that whatever may happen to one; one should not leave alone or abandon the other bother. Through this one can be faithful to the brotherhood.  Chastity: Chastity is an unconditional friendship within the brotherhood; it is a condition of freedom that one decides to be a brother to another. It is not that one demands another to change but it is I who need to change. Thus one can develop a good relationship with another brother.