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Pre-primary School in Mwanza

Pre-primary school in Mwanza

We have been working in Tanzania for past 25 years and now we have two communities in Mwanza – Tanzania. One is a parish and the other is a formation house for the young students. We took charge of the parish in the year 1983. Working over here we the friars realized that many children are neglected by their parents to send them to the school, so in early days we opened a day care center for the children after running for few months or a year we have close down because the Day care centre was not complaint with the conditions of the government and we were forced to close down.

Pre-primary school in MwanzaPre-primary school in Mwanza

In the year 2003 we rebuilt the whole structure new, keeping in mind the norms of the government and also approved by the government. For the past 5 years the pre-primary school was taking its shape. Each year we had students from 60 – 75 children. We realized education was an important area where we could help people to bring a change in their lives. This institution is not a profit making but just to offer an opportunity for the children to create interest in education. We have seen quite a number of children drop out of the school very early even before they could finish primary school.

Pre-primary school in MwanzaPre-primary school in Mwanza

We are laying a good foundation and to create interest in education at the early stage in the life of the child. At present we have 95 children who are studying here, with 4 trained teachers and one cook, Gardner and night watchman. We are following Montessori system where children are able to play and learn. Most of the teaching is done through visually. Through this method we realize that children could learn things very fast and it is also enjoyable for them rather than following the traditional way of teaching.

Pre-primary school in MwanzaPre-primary school in Mwanza

Each year we take the children for a study tour and this year we had an opportunity to take them to the Air Port as part of their education. The children were so glad to see the plain landing and taking it off. They were happier more when they allowed us to enter into the plain and see it. For some it will be the only opportunity may be to see and enter into the plain.

This year we were supported by the Missionszentrale der franzikaner (MZF) – Germany to support us financially in order to buy a computer set, photocopier and other necessary items to make teaching aids for the children. The institution is so grateful for the generous donors who supported us to realize our hopes through MZF. Our future hope and the desire of the parents is that to build it up to the primary school so that they may get good education. I hope one day the dreams will come true.