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After an attempt now in the world

Settled consciously and little reflection, my mind flashes back to the entire life encounter in Tanzania, Mwanza and more so in Franciscan communities, that is Butimba and Ilemela respectively. It was the land of the famous Sukuma tribe. In a formation house it was , living in a fraternal community comprising formators and formatees. Outstanding significant moments and quite challenging times, when you have to accept your brother you live with, in his diversity and complexity.

To understand one another, to cope with people of different personalities and to embrace them as part of your new family. I won’t forget those times when guys could differ on things; how to plant maize, cook ugali, uji, fish and other foods, clashing during our weekly meetings in attempt to make decisions or solve problems.  In addition, living too with formators of different characters and may be different way of doing things, the harsh, joyful, silent and extremists and the many traits.

When I was back home people thought I would be very fat, assuming the much we do is praying, reading and discussing the Bible, preaching and enjoying good meals. What an illusion! Engaging in work ranging from digging, kitchen work to washing in addition to the pre-mentioned activities.

I remember our first breakfast in butimba, having a cup of uji each at 7 AM thinking their would be the actual breakfast sometimes later, disappointed at last.

On determination of my religious life’s discernment, there are a number of lessons and clarities that I came to learn:

In as much as one may feel or think he is called and perhaps even convinced, the whole process must be discerned, evaluated and acted upon by formators who are assumed to speak God’s will for you.

Secondly, I became aware that we can offer our services and life completely to God even in secular as you encounter the world’s challenges.

Thirdly, a chance to think about myself and discerning other vocations. God plans for everyone, so then he holds reasons for your experiences in this world. Thought how to live simple, humble and poor as St. Francis, to live with others, self awareness, enlightened on liturgy of the church, sacraments and many more. In as much as I live I will always keep in memory the brothers I was living with in Butimba – Ilemela.

Now at Moi University to pursue a degree in social studies majoring in philosophy to face books and the world. A philosopher once said “ the end doesn’t always justify the means, but sometimes it does”, let’s live in the spirit of our seraphic father, St . Francis and make realities out of our endeavours.

Have Peace