News from Tanzania


Pre-primary School in Mwanza

Pre-primary school in MwanzaWe have been working in Tanzania for past 25 years and now we have two communities in Mwanza – Tanzania. One is a parish and the other is a formation house for the young students. We took charge of the parish in the year 1983. Working over here we the friars realized that many children are neglected by their parents to send them to the school, so in early days we opened a day care center for the children after running for few months or a year we have close down because the Day care centre was not complaint with the conditions of the government and we were forced to close down.

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A new initiative through dance and drama

A new initiative through dance and dramaThe youth of St. Francis of Assisi Parish – Mwanza – Tanzania started a new initiative to create awareness among the people through dance and drama. One of the topics which they did in the parish was on HIV/AIDS. It was a good response from the people. They were around 150 people were present for the show. Each week end they go to different parishes and street corners where people are gathered for their work or business.

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Pastoral Easter

I would like to share with you the joy of Easter 2009. Most of the friars joined Christians during Pascal celebration. The faithful appreciated the pastoral that we had done during Holy week. It has been good time because friars participated in preparation of the Pascal feast. There were baptism sacraments on Holy Saturday and marriage sacrament on the Easter.

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