News from Rwanda


The technical secondary school: A beacon of hope and optimism!

In every African village, a school is much more than just a place for learning and acquiring new knowledge and necessary education.  It is a place for hanging out, for getting together.  And, first and foremost, it is a guarantee of a change for the better and a place where neglected and forgotten people can thrive.

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The day we celebrate life in Kivumu

This Friday was a special day in Rwanda. We commemorated the sixteenth anniversary of death of fra Vjeko Ćurić, the good spirit of Kivumu!

When one would have expected a gloomy atmosphere and downcast eyes swelling up with tears, Kivumu was instead resonating with laughter and joy.  You see, unlike Europeans, who are sad and downcast in such situations, Africans, on occasions like this, celebrate life.  So why would it be any different in Kivumu, the small village in central Rwanda where fra Vjeko had begun to celebrate and build a life worthy of man?

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Rwanda-Burundi Regional Session-Retreat (4th Dec to 10th Dec 2013)

The retreat was held at Kivumu Fraternity. Brothers came from different fraternities of the Region. There were also some Brothers who came from other Regions of the Province.  We were warmly and fraternally welcomed by the Brothers of Kivumu Fraternity (Bro Ivica, the Guardian and Bro Aloys, the parish priest).  On 3rd evening after supper, we shared with Brother Vincenzo Brocanelli the Definitor General, about our apostolate and our life into our different communities. 

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The End of the School Year 2013

Well, another successful school year in our Padri Vjeko VTC has come to an end. We made an effort to make the last day of school, and for many - the last day of their education - a happy occasion with memories to last a lifetime. The school year here in Rwanda begins with the first Monday in January, and it ends in late November or early December.


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Second Phase of the Secondary School Construction

Again we have proven that anything is possible when people join forces and unite their hands with even the smallest amount of goodwill. We have realized the dream of our late brother fra Vjeko Ćurić for our Kivumu Parish here in Rwanda. We have built a high school! Although we are not done yet, a great deal of work and effort is now behind us.


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