General News from the Province

The presentation

presentationOn Tuesday, July 14, 2009, three reports were presented during the morning session: Missionary Evangelization (Br. Aloys Hakizimana); Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (Br. Joseph Ehrhardt); Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth (Br. Krisnah Ramsamy). Lively discussions in small groups followed the presentations. The outcome of the discussions was later shared in the assembly hall. In the afternoon, the Provincial Bursar, Br. Augustinus Wehrmeier, presented his report to the Chapter. The report was well prepared by him and well received by the Capitulars. The reaction to the report was the usual one – it sparked a lively and emotional discussion, held however in a peaceful and fraternal spirit. Many good ideas and proposals were shared by the Capitulars that were meant to help improve the financial situation of the Province. It is not easy to create a common financial policy and to have common projects in a province made up of 9 countries.

presentationWednesday, July 15, 2009, was an important day during the 9th Provincial Chapter. On the 15th of July the Franciscans celebrate the Feast of St. Bonaventure, Doctor and Bishop of the Church, but also a Franciscan friar. A solemn Eucharist was celebrated in the morning presided by Br. Cornelius Smith. It was also a day of the election of 5 new Definitors (Counselors of the Minister Provincial). The exercise was scheduled to last only 1 hour, but it lasted over 2 hours. At the end, 5 new Definitors were elected, namely: Br. Matthias Kule (Ugandan), Br. Innocent Harelimana (Rwandese), Br. Michael Onyango Oyoo (Kenyan), Br. Carmelo Giannone (Italian) and Br. Theoneste Twahirwa (Rwandese).

presentationAfter the election, the Capitulars moved in a procession to the chapel where the new Definitors professed their faith and promised faithful observance of all things which pertain to their office as prescribed by the Order and our Constitutions. The exchange of the sign of peace with the new Definitors ended the busy morning program. In the afternoon, some projects regarding the future development of the Province were presented for discussion. The last agenda for the day was the presentation of some amendments to the Particular Statutes of our Province. The presentation was discussed in the small groups and the result of it was forwarded to the Special Commission dealing with this matter. With only two days remaining some friars were busier than others working on the amendments and also on resolutions and recommendations.

Edited by: Valerie K. Ken