General News from the Province

The 9th Provincial Chapter of the Province of St. Francis

the 9th provincial chapterOn Sunday afternoon, July 12, 2009, thirty-six Friars – Capitulars - gathered at the Dimesse Sisters Retreat Centre in Karen, Nairobi, to celebrate the 9th Provincial Chapter. The theme of the Chapter is “A Step Forward towards the Grace of our Origins.” The Capitulars begun the celebration by praying the Evening Prayer, presided over by the Minister Provincial, Br. Sebastian Unsner. After supper, they met in the main hall to officially open the Chapter.

The Minister Provincial welcomed the Capitulars and invited them to participate fully in the Chapter in a fraternal spirit. He reminded them that “it is the responsibility of the Provincial Chapter to examine the present state of life and activity of the friars of the Province, to search for and propose suitable means for its growth and improvement, to discuss and, by common council, to decide on new undertakings and affairs of major importance, and to carry out elections” (General Constitutions 215). The Minister Provincial also gave a short report on the General Chapter that took place in Assisi from May 24 to June 20, 2009. A fraternal recreation closed the day.

the 9th provincial chapterOn Monday, July 13, 2009, the Capitulars began the day by celebrating the Eucharist at 7.00 am. The Minister Provincial was the main celebrant. At 9.00 am they all assembled in the main hall to listen to the report of the Minister Provincial. The report seemed to be well accepted by the Capitulars. It covered different areas of life and activities of the friars. The latest statistics show that at the moment there are 122 friars and novices in the province, living in 18 fraternities in 9 countries. After a short break, the Capitulars formed four groups and discussed the report.

The outcome of the discussions was presented later to the General Assembly. In the afternoon the Capitulars listened to the report of the Secretary for Formation and Studies, Br. Oscar Girardi. The same procedure as for the report of the Minister Provincial followed. After that, the last report of the day was presented by the Custos of Madagascar, Br. Pascal Rivo. He reported to the Chapter the present situation of the Custody of Madagascar. At the end of the day, the Capitulars gathered in the Retreat’s Centre chapel for Evening Prayer.

Edited by: Valerie K. Ken