News from Madagascar

The event in Madagascar

It is almost a month ago that Madagascar has been involved in a difficult period of political crisis. The political trouble inflicts on the people a lot of sufferings. In fact, there are some cases where people lost their friend or family member. Most of them lost their jobs. Others were victims of violence and plundering especially in the big shops of the city. The daily life has become more and more difficult in Madagascar. The prices of commodities were increased as the insecurity situation took over.

Facing this crisis, the efforts brought by the local and international organisations have contributed significantly in bringing calm in the country.  The council of the Christian churches in Madagascar that is made up by four major denominations: Catholic, Lutherans, Reformed and Anglicans) played a considerable role of intermediary between the two protagonist political parties. We also have seen the presence of the representatives of the Organisation of the United Nations and the African Union who put their contribution in re-establishment of the order in Madagascar. Despite these efforts, the situation remains worrying.

The Catholic Church in Madagascar, particularly the religious men and women did not remain silent in front of this situation. The Union of the Superiors of the major Congregations of the religious in Madagascar met on 17th February 2009, the outcome of this meeting was that all the religious Institutes in the Madagascar Island would pray daily for peace in the country. In the same category that the adoration was organised by the religious congregations in the various parishes in the Capital city to pray for peace in the country.

Franciscan friars, Franciscan sisters and the daughters of St. Paul organized and animated prayer and adoration of the Holy Sacrament in one of the populated parish in the Capital city.

We invite you as well dear brothers in the Province to join us and pray for our country to come out of this crisis and see peace taking over once again.