News from Madagascar

The New Year's path

Here is the narration how it happened in Antananarivo: repetition of the Bible. It began by reciting office of the reading at eight thirty and at 10: 30 the solemn Eucharistic celebration  presided by Fr. Custos Pascal Rivo and Fr. Guardian Jean Pierre accompanied by a deacon as well as the songs along with musical instrument such as a guitar.

What was marvelous at that same time we have had a good stormy weather of thunder and lightings then in the city there was an artificial fire.  As if being on Mount Sinai, we did not know who was the most powerful.  Despite that, we have been able to recollect ourselves in asking forgiveness for our failures of the year that was ending and thanking the Lord for his gifts. We asked Him Blessings, Joy and Peace for the New Year.

After that, we passed on the refectory room in order to share a nice meal that was prepared by the expert friars along with some drink as it is traditionally. At midnight, we received the New Year 2009 and we prayed that we could be useful in it. The feast went on with a bottle of bear up to the morning.

After a good promise of forgiveness, of peace and of sobriety, we returned to our cave of diamond as the Hebrews in the Desert. We only missed Moses to come and crush the remains into dust and give the in form of soup to the invitees.

After more that 6,000 years, the Bible, the food of our life is still up date. Do not forget to read it always, for it is a good advisor.

I wish you all Happy New Year 2009.