News from Madagascar


The event in Madagascar

It is almost a month ago that Madagascar has been involved in a difficult period of political crisis. The political trouble inflicts on the people a lot of sufferings. In fact, there are some cases where people lost their friend or family member. Most of them lost their jobs. Others were victims of violence and plundering especially in the big shops of the city. The daily life has become more and more difficult in Madagascar. The prices of commodities were increased as the insecurity situation took over.

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The New Year's path

Here is the narration how it happened in Antananarivo: repetition of the Bible. It began by reciting office of the reading at eight thirty and at 10: 30 the solemn Eucharistic celebration  presided by Fr. Custos Pascal Rivo and Fr. Guardian Jean Pierre accompanied by a deacon as well as the songs along with musical instrument such as a guitar.

What was marvelous at that same time we have had a good stormy weather of thunder and lightings then in the city there was an artificial fire.  As if being on Mount Sinai, we did not know who was the most powerful.  Despite that, we have been able to recollect ourselves in asking forgiveness for our failures of the year that was ending and thanking the Lord for his gifts. We asked Him Blessings, Joy and Peace for the New Year.

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St. Francis feast in the house St. Joseph of Antananarivo

May the Peace of the Lord be with you!

We have wished to have a simple celebration in the spirit of Franciscan simplicity. Brothers started their course in the seminary since 29th September. This made us have a renewal of the vows of 5 brothers here: brothers Christophe, Michel, Charles, Berchemas and Mathias.

Brother Alain Bouchard was sub-delegate of the Custos Br. Pascal Rivo to receive the brothers’ vows.

We had a nice Solemn Eucharistic celebration on the 4th morning at 6:30 and later, we had breakfast in the road go the seminary. The renewal of the vows in the solemn evening prayer took place as follow: usually, in the beginning there was psalms and appropriate reading from the gospel regarding vocation.

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