News from Kenya

Walking together in the desert

Two friends were strolling in the desert. Then, at a certain moment they started a dispute which resulted into one slapping another in the face. The one who was slapped, felt painful but did not say anything but only wrote in the sand: “today my dear friend has slapped me”.

They continued their Journey. After along walk, they found an oasis, in which they decided to take a bath, but the one who was slapped found himself drowning and his colleague saved him. After having been saved he wrote on the stone: “today my dear friend saved my life”.

The one who had slapped him and saved his life asked him: when I hurt you, you wrote on the sand, and now you have written on the stone. Why?

His friend responded: “when someone hurt us we should write it on the sand, where the wind of forgiveness will be able to rub it out. But when someone does something good for us we should engrave it on the stone, where the wind will never be able to rub it out”.

Learn to write your hurts in the sand and to engrave your joys on the stone. Take time and reflect if you want to live.