Reception into the Noviciate 1st August 2014

The Province of St. Francis in Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius was blessed with seven novices this year along with two from the Foundation of South Sudan and Sudan totaling to nine novices. The ceremony began with the vespers from the Solemnity   of Our Lady of the Angles which was presided by the Minister Provincial Br. Carmelo Giannone ofm.

While in his sharing he explained about the symbolism of the Franciscan Habit. He said that the habit is made in the form of a cross and the cord which is worn around the waist keeps one tied to the cross and to the commitment one is making in the Franciscan Order. Whatever may happen, one must cling to that Cross which shows the direction in one’s life. It also binds one to the brotherhood of the Franciscan Order. One must not depart from the cross. As Jesus tells in the Gospels “Take up your cross daily and follow me.”

After this he blessed the habits and gave to each novice. He then entrusted into the care of the Novice Master and his team. He presented the Holy Bible to each one and said this is our life, “to follow the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”