In which Countries?

In East Africa there are possibilities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and Angola; in West Africa in Nigeria, Upper Volta and Liberia.

A Letter from the Minister General

ofmThe response of the Order to the project will depend a lot on the appeal which the M.G. should send to each individual Friar. The appeal’s power to convince will depend greatly on the determination with which the government of the Order will guide the project to success.

The lack of sufficient personnel to maintain the activities of the various Provinces is not an acceptable excuse. The letter of the M.G. must give enough concrete information about the project so that the candidates may know what is required of them. The letter must speak about everything the Friars have done and are doing in Africa. A generous response to the appeal of the M.G. could be useful to the groups already in existence but needing reinforcements. The letter must make it very clear that the offer of “Friars that can be well done without” is not acceptable.

The "Africa Project" also can do without these Friars. Friars which the Provinces “cannot do without” are needed. The M.G. must explicitly insist that the bigger Provinces should offer at least two Friars and the smaller Provinces at least one. The Provincials must encourage the Friars to come forward without putting obstacles. Only when the Provinces make real sacrifices will they be able to receive new vitality. This appeal should furnish at least one hundred Friars from whom a final selection can be made.