Financial means

ofmThe centenary celebrations of 1967 united the Provinces in a special Chapter. Perhaps, given that there is no Chapter planned for this centenary, the M.G. could suggest that the same sum of money which each Province would have spent on the Chapter should be dedicated to the Africa Project. by Br. Anselmo Moons

During its meeting on the 20th July, the General Definitory amply discussed the “Project”, considered it under various positive, negative and practical aspects, clarified the aims , indicated the points to be inserted into the letter of the Minister General and, finally, decided to present the Project to the International Council for Missions, scheduled for the month of November of the same year, to ask Br. Moons and Br. Brady to make another explorative journey to Africa and to set up a small commission to prepare the letter announcing the project.

A little later a letter arrived from Br. Jaak Laleman, a Flemish Belgian Friar who was already in Rwanda, asking for Friars to be sent to help the new foundation of the Poor Clares in Kamonyi . In November, The International Council for the Missions accepted the exposition of the Africa project “with enthusiasm”.

Finally, on the 16th January 1982, on the feast of the Franciscan proto-martyrs, the Minister General, Br. John Vaughn, sent a letter, with the title of “Africa is calling us: a new presence of our Order in Africa”, to all the Friars of the Order.