The celebrations started on the eve of the solemn profession, which was on Wednesday the 21st May 2014. On that day before the sunset, Brothers from different parts of the province started flocking in the fraternity of Magarama. It looked very enjoyable seeing the crowd of friars in one community. By 1700hours, there was a joyful atmosphere all over the corners of the friary since it is seldom to find most of the brothers of the province in one place. The brothers to profess were; Br. Aphrodis Rumanyika, and Br Benoît Ndayizeye.


Before supper, one could easily notice that something important is almost taking place; and that was the rite of “Renunciation”. It started by evening prayer whereby brothers-to-profess renounced any kind of personal possession before the Franciscan family, their parents and the faithful who came to witness the event. This took place in the friary of Magarama. On Thursday of the profession, the long waited event started at around 10 a.m. at the Franciscan parish of Magarama. The Mass was presided over by the vicar of the bishop of Gitega. In his homily, full of advices, the professed-to-be were encouraged to keep and observe what they have promised to God, the Order and the Church at large. The cerebration was closed by a reception ceremony in which, the bodily hunger and thirst were quenched. It was culturally an expression of gratitude for the active participation and support of various people that made the event possible. 

Then on Friday, brothers who came from different countries of East Africa started preparing for Rwanda to participate once again in the ordination of the newly professed brothers. The event was fixed on Saturday 24th May. This was a great event the province should be proud of, because of the positive attendance in such big number of the brothers. In fact, it was also an occasion to promote more vocations. We hope that in the future it will continue and even more improved!


Article and Photos courtesy of:

Br Desiré Niyonkuru & Br Victor Nkundayezu